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Press Release: 02.03.2022


BPWA. PO Box 828 Montpelier, Vt, 05601

Berlin Pond Wetland Faces Development

Berlin, Vermont, February 3, 2022

In July 2021, part of Berlin’s historic Crandall Farm, a forty-acre wooded parcel abutting both Mirror Lake Road and Berlin Pond at Pond Brook, was subdivided into four lots and in danger of being sold for development. In response, a group of concerned Berlin residents, aided by local attorney Paul Gillies, established the nonprofit Berlin Pond Watershed Association (BPWA), with the goal of protecting this and other properties in the watershed. Conservation of these lands will help maintain the pristine nature of the pond and its environs, greatly benefiting the wildlife and natural communities found here as well as the many people who visit the area for walking, birdwatching, fishing, and other activities.

Currently, BPWA is working to purchase and conserve the lower thirty-three acres of the subdivision. This parcel has 1800 feet of frontage on Pond Brook, a primary inlet stream for Berlin Pond. It supports both uplands and wetlands including an uncommon White Cedar Seepage Forest and provides critical ecological functions such as water purification for drinking water and water temperature regulation for fishing. Part of the National Audubon Society’s declared Important Bird Area (IBA), the property provides nesting sites and habitat needed for raptors, songbirds, and waterfowl to hatch and raise their young. Several rare and uncommon bird species have been documented there. Charles Johnson, Vermont State Naturalist for over two decades, has noted that “Berlin Pond is a gem in this part of the world, worthy of protecting and cherishing.”

Support has already come from a variety of directions. Since the project began in July 2021, the City of Montpelier and the Town of Berlin have both offered their commitment to help

in this effort to protect the natural values of the area and Montpelier’s sole source of public drinking water. The Vermont Land Trust, the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, and the Montpelier and Berlin Conservation Commissions have also joined the conservation effort.

The project will shift into high gear this month as BPWA begins a public fundraising campaign necessary to meet an estimated deficit of $20,000. For those residents who wish to help, donations may be made out to BPWA and sent directly to PO Box 828, Montpelier, Vermont 05601. Email:


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